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Weight? Wait…


As you are well on your way to an independent life and figuring out all the new things you're “allowed” to do, see, feel, and taste. I bet you've gained a few pounds as well, and that is perfectly normal! Being from “The Life” we were held to impossibly high body image standards, used drugs to curb our appetite, or only feed when our “owner” deemed it was time. Well no more! Now you're healthy, and sober, and food is a whole new adventure to pursue. Can you cook? What are your favorite comfort meals? Do you know how to shop for groceries? What's your favorite style of eating? Do you eat 3 square meals a day, or are you a grazer?

I would give myself a whole year to discover all the wonderful foods that we have been denied. Just take the time to enjoy feeding and caring for your body. It’s a whole process, and this is just a season. By the next year you will have figured out your eating style and habits and have even maybe incorporated walking or soft exercises. Whatever weight you gain will fall off once you start to explore your body movement preferences. Now, you won't lose all the weight especially if you were a 00 upon exiting “The Life”, but you will have found a new healthy weight. My first year free, I ate everything I was ever denied and got up to 205- then the next year I decided to focus on my health and incorporated a walking routine and lost 70 pounds just walking. I am now at a healthy weight of 140. But I don't sweat the weight fluctuations. Just embrace the new body you have been given and love yourself just the way you are. It's a season, and seasons change


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