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At CGC we are committed to seeing survivors of human trafficking receive the highest level of aftercare! We have designed a training that will equip you and your team to serve survivors of human trafficking with the highest standard of excellence. We have over 60 years combined experience and are eager to share our insights and best practices with you. 


The Rest Program Guide is a complete manual and training for an Emergency Housing Program for survivors of human trafficking. It includes the program overview, training manual, and SOPs. The goal of this program is to allow survivors a safe place to rest, stabilize, learn coping skills, and determine long- term placement for healing. 


The Resilient program is designed to encourage resiliency and post-trauma thriving through a combination of psychoeducation, coping skills, various forms of art and activity therapy, and ongoing support. This curriculum is designed to provide the necessary stabilization for post-trauma experiences.


The Refresh Program is a personal development program provided for advocates and caregivers of survivors. We developed this program to support our advocate team in creating a healthy, holistic lifestyle that allow them to provide the most excellent care for survivors with out experiencing burnout themselves. This program will help you address key areas of your life that you can begin strengthening today to become a healthier version of yourself.


Thank you!

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