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Counseling services for organizational effectiveness assessments involve expert evaluation of a company's structures, processes, and culture. Our assessments identify strengths and areas for improvement. Recommendations are then provided to enhance productivity, communication, and overall performance, fostering a thriving work environment.

Our counseling services specialize in strategic planning, aimed at optimizing organizational performance. We offer expert guidance to dissect and refine each component of your organization, fostering enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Need help turning your ideas into reality? Our counseling services are like your program's GPS, guiding you from concept to success. We make program development and implementation a breeze by creating a clear plan you can easily implement.

Conduct Assessments

Strategic Planning

Program Development and Implementation

Our Consultants

Amy Ogden

Amy has extensive experience in the field of human trafficking. She has worked in various capacities across 2 organizations over the last six years dedicating her time as a mentor and advocate. Serving as Lead Advocate and Case Manager at Freedom Shield Foundation, Amy played a crucial role in providing support for survivors. Currently, she is a member of the staff with Carrie Grace Consulting where she engages in consulting and training for organizations across the United States.


Great team building training! Fantastic! Wonderful training filled with great information. I appreciate your ability to pivot and keep things positive. The facilitators were engaging, insightful, and strategic in their process to help build our team. 

The retreat exceeded my expectations. The results of this training were amazing!


Fee to be determined


Pre Consult 

30-minute Zoom Call

Hourly Consultation

Scheduled meetings as needed (if not included in a package)

Assessment Fee

*Includes assessments, evaluation, and customized proposal

You will receive a customized assessment packet for your organization to fill out and return

to the team. Carrie will analyze your assessment and create a strategy to maximize growth,

health, and long term success.

Consulting Package

*Fee will be determined by the Assessment

You will be sent a custom proposal and quote for the consulting services for you to approve. Meetings will be scheduled with your team as outlined In the proposal.

"This training was beyond helpful. It gave us insight into ways we can improve our program, as well as steps we can take to supplement what we already have in place. The curriculum also guided us on how to take better care of staff with an emphasis on body, mind and spirit. Carrie and her team were wonderful at ensuring everyone was on the same page and got what they needed from the training. It was 100% worth the time and commitment, and we would recommend Carrie Grace Consulting to anyone who wants to improve their programming in service to victims of trauma."


Thank you!

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