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Carrie Grace has been serving survivors of human trafficking since 2011. She has specialized in the area of

trauma recovery and post trauma resiliency. She has developed programs and curriculums which are used in prevention, education, and restoration services around the world. She also developed a stabilization program which she  successfully implemented in Iraq on behalf of the rescued victims of ISIS from 2016-2018.  She has created programs, curriculums support groups, and educational tools to be used in churches, schools, and non profits.


In 2017, she established the first long-term restoration program for victims of sex trafficking in Scotland.


In 2018, she opened an emergency housing program for sex-trafficked victims in Texas.


In 2019, she joined Freedom Shield Foundation as Executive Director. 

In 2020, she launched a safe house program for survivors of sex trafficking.


Over the course of her career, she has provided advisory services in the United States, Scotland, the Philippines,

and Iraq. She has also trained and advised members of government, law enforcement, education, the medical

community, churches, and NGOs. She has written and published 6 books and continues to lead, train, and consult

for the anti-trafficking movement. 

In 2023, she launched Carrie Grace Consulting full-time and now offers her knowledge

and experience to assist other leaders and non-profits in successfully fulfilling their unique missions. 

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