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Self Control

Ahhh, Self Control. A topic that each of us has struggled with. Self Control takes discipline, and discipline depends on structure. Without a structured environment to depend on daily, chaos reigns and impulsive behavior is exacerbated.

Coming from “The Life” Survivors have no notion of this thing called Self Control. We are conditioned to pursue instant gratification and have no structure to lean on. Each day is a battle of survival of the fittest. When ladies and men are in a stabilized environment with constants in their life to depend on, they begin to exit out of this mentality and slowly adapt to structure and develop their own routines. Once in a comfortable and noticeable daily routine you can then educate on what it is to have Self Control. Most survivors are addicts of one sort of another. I was addicted to escapism. Some were addicted to attention, sex, or drugs. This will make it ten times harder for them to practice Self Control.

Self Control is each individual's limit to how much they can and will take. This is a lot like the Window of Tolerance and has moveable perimeters or capacity markers. (For instance, Survivor B is accustomed to 3 plates of food, now he is practicing Self Control and now decides to try for just 2.) This small example is a demonstration of Self Control and should be noticed, praised, AND pointed out to the survivor. Once it is identified and pointed out to the survivor then they will begin to understand what Self Control is. The next step is educating survivors why it is important to have Self Control.


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