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Structure is an important element to healing. By introducing structure, routine develops. To have a daily routine is to invite a calm and effective attitude towards the day's activities. In dealing with survivors day to day, completion is all you should expect. Survivors fresh out of “The Life” can not envision themselves in the future just yet.

Start small by developing a daily outline of what your program is going to look like. Morning check-ins are of great importance. Institute morning wake up times along with a nightly lights out time. Introduce the importance of having both a morning routine and night routine. Communal breakfast and dinners will help immensely with this and are great times to perform check-ins.

Check-ins are a way to assess each lady's emotional landscape for the day ahead and from the night they had. This is an important factor in learning each lady's new normal. View it as a type of barometer on what to expect from the ladies for that day. Will your program have scheduled breaks? Daily outdoor time? What does your program structure look like? Build structure into it so the ladies can grow to know and depend on a constant in their lives.


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