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Kim McAndrews

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Kim McAndrews has over 25 years of experience with events and conferences. She has produced and directed large conferences, events, and immersive experiences for various non-profit, for-profit, and political entities. She has hands-on experience with in-person gatherings from 10 to 4,000, multi-day conferences in person and online, with speakers, multiple sessions, workshops, breakouts, and after-parties. During COVID-19, 2020, she directed a 2-day virtual conference with a global registration of 12,000. Currently, she is designing immersive and experiential events, retreats, and conferences for Carrie Grace Consulting. Kim loves to come alongside teams and help them bring their vision to life and will walk with you from the conception of the event to the end. She will guide you through the planning process, offer resources and best practices, and recommend vendors to help make this the smoothest process possible for you and your team. Whether you need consulting for an entire event or a specific segment, she customizes plans to suit your requirements, ensuring the creation of an exceptional experience for all. Her favorite saying is “Create an
event you would want to attend,” and she will help you do just that. As an end-to-end event specialist, Kim has honed her skills in guiding and managing events at every stage, ensuring a cohesive and successful outcome. She developed a conference strategy that brought unity to multiple teams and conferences across the organization by streamlining the conference process while maintaining each conference's originality. Her expertise includes a globally recognized certification, CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional), which requires those holding this certification to maintain a standard of practice as an event professional.
Now as Executive Director for Carrie Grace Consulting, she is continuing in the event industry by utilizing her experience to successfully guide other organizations and teams to strategize their unique event and conference experiences.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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