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Lions and Tigers and Public Speaking, Oh My!

I am admittedly not one who generally enjoys being the center of attention, especially when it comes to public speaking. I tend to be more of a one-on-one kind of girl that likes to connect in small groups. Nevermind speaking in front of an audience! I have read that glossophobia, more commonly known as the fear of public speaking, is one of the most common fears that people have. I certainly fell into that category helping add to the overwhelmingly high statistics that make it a common fear. 

Are you ready for a plot twist? I absolutely love when CGC does training for other teams, and organizations....and I am on the training team. Who knew that I would do a complete 180 degree turn regarding my strong feelings about public speaking? I certainly would never have anticipated that I would get over the fear, much less enjoy what I had avoided most of my life. 

Here are a few things that have helped me to embrace training:

  • Find a way to authentically connect with the material that you are presenting. 

  • Present the material in a way that brings out your personality. 

  • Thoroughly know and understand the material that you are presenting.

  • Be engaging with the audience, make it about them. 

  • Practice presenting BEFORE you are in front of an audience

I find that one of the things that really helps me to connect with the people that I am training is that I believe in and am passionate about what I am imparting. I find that when I personally buy into what I am presenting, it organically helps others to connect. Because I am naturally passionate and expressive, I utilize these traits to engage my audience when I present. Attempting to stay perfectly buttoned-up  is unnatural for me, and that would be translated to my audience as I train. I have studied and know the training material well, and as a result I do not feel unsure or insecure, which allows me to focus on how it is being received. When I turn my attention to connecting and engaging with the audience, I am less focused on feeling insecure. I made sure to take sufficient time that is needed practicing prior to speaking in front of others so I had a cadence down that facilitated my ability to present within the given time frame allowed. 

I hope that some of these pointers are helpful to anyone who feels that public speaking is intimidating. And I would love to hear any suggestions or tips that you have that have helped you.


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