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Annabelle King

Annabelle Is a 38 Year Survivor of Human Tracking, Labor Tracking, Sex Tracking, Mental Illness, and Substance Abuse. During her years of freedom she has worked tirelessly and diligently to further her education in Trauma Work, Psycho-Education, and Survivor Leadership.

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Annabelle has undergone extensive therapeutic healing, rehabilitation, several long term programs, and worked to deepen her walk with God. Annabelle has earned certications in Biblical Counseling, Life Coaching, and as a Peer-to-Peer Mental Health Care Specialist. She has served on the Tarrant County 5 Stones Task Force Steering Committee, worked as a Survivor Advocate with Freedom Shield Foundation, and continues her work with Survivors of Human Tracking as both Coach and Mentor. Annabelle is currently working to further her impact by sharing her life experience and education with Carrie Grace Consulting. Her hobbies include learning, reading, and pet care.


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