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Amy Ogden

Amy has extensive experience in the field of human trafficking. She has worked in various capacities across
2 organizations over the last six years dedicating her time as a mentor and advocate. Serving as Lead
Advocate and Case Manager at Freedom Shield Foundation, Amy played a crucial role in providing support
for survivors. Currently, she is a member of the staff with Carrie Grace Consulting where she engages in
consulting and training for organizations across the United States.

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Amy has cultivated relationships with organizations nationwide resulting in effective collaboration to better
serve victims. Her efforts have also resulted in the establishment of a comprehensive resource database,
facilitating crucial support for survivors. Working closely with survivors, Amy has been involved in trauma
care, legal and medical assistance, daily care planning, and guiding them toward long-term goals. Whether in direct service with survivors in emergency housing or supporting other organizations with resources, Amy
has made a significant impact on the care and support extended to survivors. Amy trained extensively under Carrie Grace and is now an integral part of the training team. She has contributed to training law enforcement, Homeland Security and leaders of national organizations focused on human trafficking. In 2023, Amy received the Victim Advocacy Award from the 5 Stones Task Force of Tarrant County and the Freedom Shield Foundation award. Amy is passionate about training and consulting to elevate the standard of care for survivors. Through her role at Carrie Grace Consulting, she is now utilizing her experience to support leaders to carry out their vision with excellence in this field of human trafficking.


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